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Computer Lab

We want to encourage all of our students to explore and enrich their learning not just at school, but at home as well. Our Computer Lab website will be continually evolving. Our desire is to make it available for students to use as they discover the many resources that support classroom studies and technology skills.  These sites will be "linkable" either by interest or by grade level. Just click on any one of the pictures or links to begin your online journey!computer trio.gif

Learning About Internet Safety

Here are some links to explore to learn more about being safe on the internet.

Link To Netsmartz           Link to          Link to Internet safety video with Faux Paw     
Router's Birthday Surprise           Learn With Clicky             Internet Safety with Faux Paw  

  Link to Video             Link to video about Faux Paw and Internet Safety              

Below are some links to websites which may be useful for students at various grade levels.

Websites of Interest

Getting to Know Your Mouse and Keyboard....

                    Link to mouse practice games        Link to mouse practice game Bees and Honey       Link to keyboard practice game Keyboard Climber

                          Mouse Practice                     Bees and Honey                   Keyboard Climber 1

                     keyboard climber 2.jpg       link to Typing Practice Game       Link to

                      Keyboard Climber 2              Dance Mat Typing                       Typing.Com

Great links for Research and Study

 Link to Google Search for Kids      Link to National Geographic Young Explorer     Link to Kids Astronomy     Link to Kindle Search for Kids

   KidRex Search for Kids           National Geographic            Kids Astronomy      Kiddle Search 

Link to Wikimedia Commons      Link to Kids Search Engine      Link to Kidtopia     Link to Kids Search Engine

   Wikimedia Images          Info Bits Library Resource                 Kidtopia                           Kids Search  

  Link to Phillip Martin Clip Art       Link to My Cute Graphics      Link to Academic Kids Search    Link to NASA for Everyone

         Free Clip Art                    My Cute Graphics         Academic Search for Kids     NASA for Everyone