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Abbreviated Day

On an abbreviated day, school begins two hours later than normal.


Buses will operate except for Pre-K

Cafeteria will operate through lunch, no breakfast served.


Cell Phones and Personal Electronics

McCollum recognizes that in today’s world the cell phone is a critical part of family communication. If your child has a cell phone or personal electronic device, it must be turned off and in backpacks during the school day. If you need to contact your child during the school day, you may call the office. If a child chooses to use their cell phone or personal electronic device during the school day, it will be confiscated and brought to the office. These items may be picked up at the end of the school day. If your child chooses to bring their cell phone or personal electronic device, McCollum is not responsible if lost or theft occurs.  



All students are expected to display respect to teachers, staff members, and fellow students at all times. There may be occasion for a student to see the principal for misbehaving; this will be handled immediately with contact to the parent or guardian. Each student has received an APS student behavior handbook, to which McCollum follows these guidelines.  Please read this handbook for information.  If you need a copy, please feel free to pick one up in the office. 


Dress Code

The policy for the dress code at McCollum is to ensure the health and safety of the students and to avoid disruption of instructional time. Clothing and hairstyles should not detract from the learning environment. However, we will always respect religious preferences. For a more detailed look at the dress code, please refer to our student handbook.



Homework is not designed as punishment. Your child’s teacher will use the assignment as an extension of a lesson. Unless your child is in kindergarten or first grade, or requires extra assistance, he/she should independently complete homework. Your child will miss a recess if there is a pattern of missed homework assignments. This is not a long-term solution for missed homework. If not completing homework assignments becomes habitual, your child’s teacher will contact you to work out long-term solutions. 


Lost and Found

Every month the lost and found will be cleaned out and unclaimed items will be taken to the PTA clothing bank.



The safety of our students is very important at McCollum. A school staff member (teacher or EA) assigned to the classroom will accompany their class to and from all pullouts (P.E., library, music, computers). Each student will be taught the rules of the school grounds. Weapons of any kind will not be tolerated, in accordance with APS policy and state law. 




(all of McCollum's policies can be found in the Student Handbook)